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February 2013

Hola! And an especially warm welcome to those of you who are new on this list. A whole year has flashed by and what do we have to show for it? A passel of ebooks and podcasts and, yep, that includes an ebook about podcasting: Podcasting for Writers & Other Creative Entrepreneurs.


We specialize in works by C.M. Mayo; Maximiliana; Bajacaliforniana; Esoterica; and works for writers
Podcasting for Writers and Other Creative Entrepreneurs
By C.M. Mayo

Listen to C.M. Mayo's podcast of the introduction

"What a charming little manual—and what a delightful way to learn about podcasting! Coming at it with full understanding of the hesitancy others may feel about attempting to podcast, [Mayo] provides encouraging words, makes her instructions clear and straight-forward, and provides many tips that will help others head off glitches at the pass. In addition to her “easy peasy” ten steps, which are just that, readers are treated to the choice images, ingenious similes, and clever humor that are this writer’s hallmarks. Learn about podcasting while Mayo calls into your mind images of guitarists with mutton chops, Edith Wharton blogging, and kids at pond-side tiddlywinking peas. The book is packed with resources, and the collection of interviews with other writer-podcasters in the appendices are wonderful. If you have a yen to podcast, grab this book and your voice will be on line before the tiddlywink hits the pond." Sara Mansfield Taber

My Recollections of Maximilian
By Marie de la Fere
Edited and introduced by C.M. Mayo
A previously unpublished rare English language eyewitness memoir, reprinted in digital format by permission of the Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley

Free! Click to download now.
(Tip: If you're using an iPad, click on "open in iBooks" for easiest reading)

Los Visitantes: una visita a Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
Por C.M. Mayo
Traducción de Bertha Ruiz de la Concha
El segundo capítulo del libro Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico

From Mexico to Miramar or, Across the Lake of Oblivion
By C.M. Mayo

Now available in both Kindle and iBook
The award-winning nonfiction novela about a fairytale: a visit to the Emperor of Mexico's Italian castle. Originally published in the Massachusetts Review.

Also available in the catalog now:
Miraculous Air by C.M. Mayo
El último príncipe del Imperio Mexicano por C.M. Mayo (Traducción de Agustín Cadena)
The Building of Quality by C.M. Mayo
C.M. Mayo on Creative Writing: The Best from the Blog
C.M. Mayo's translation the first into English of Francisco I. Madero's secret book of 1911, Spiritist Manual

Coming soon:
Miraculous Air iBook
El último príncipe del Imperio Mexicano iBook
Sky Over El Nido iBook and Kindle
Los Visitantes in Kindle
Manta Ray Kindle and iBook
Revised and expanded second edition of C.M. Mayo's translation the first into Englishof Francisco I. Madero's secret book of 1911, Spiritist Manual


C.M. Mayo will not be teaching... for a while. Instead of going to the San Miguel Writers Conference this month (warmly recommended, by the way), she'll be working on the Marfa Mondays Podcasts and a book about Far West Texas.

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Some useful links for writers
C.M. Mayo's Resources for Writers

Giant Golden Budda & 364 More Free 5 Minute Writing Exercises
Leslie Pietrzyk's Work-in-Progress Blog
Zack Rogow's Advice for Writers Blog
Seth Godin's Advice for Writers


What's a podcast? It's just an on-line audio file, like a radio show you can listen to anytime, free (more often than not). How to listen? Just click on the links. On Dancing Chiva's "listen" page (look for those bat ears), you will find many more podcasts for writers, on Maximiliana, on Bajacaliforniana, and esoterica. Find all podcasts here.

C.M. Mayo introduces her new ebook, Podcasting for Writers
"Naples Dave" and others from are the big voices, along with music clips from, plus silly sound effects, and more. C.M. Mayo recorded her portion at ye olde writing desk (any snoring sounds are from the dog) and edited the whole shebang on her laptop using Apple's GarageBand. As Mayo says, "If I can podcast, so can you."

Conversations with Other Writers: Sergio Troncoso
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with novelist and essayist Sergio Troncoso, author of This Wicked Patch of Dust and Crossing Borders: Essays. 

Conversations with Other Writers: Michael K. Schuessler
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Mexican art and literature expert Michael K. Schuessler, author of the biographies of two major Mexican literary figures, Gualadupe Amor: La undécima musa and Elena Poniatowska: An Intimate Portrait, and editor of Alma Reed's long lost autobiography, Peregrina: Love and Death in Mexico. *About one hour and 7 minutes.

Conversations with Other Writers: Edward Swift
As part of the series of occasional Conversations with Other Writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Edward Swift, author of the memoir My Grandfather's Finger and many acclaimed novels, including Splendora and The Daughter of the Doctor and the Saint. *About one hour and 15 minutes.

C.M. Mayo Discusses Francisco I. Madero's Secret Book of 1911, Spiritist Manual.
Recorded at the PEN / Sol Literary Magazine Reading Series, February 22, 2012, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (in Engish). *About 26 1/2 minutes.

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